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Welcome to another insightful piece from Silver Spring Jewelry, your trusted family-owned jeweler that has been delighting customers through three generations. Today, we unravel the mystery of the bow-tie effect in oval diamonds. As a pivotal aspect to consider when selecting an oval diamond, understanding the bow-tie effect is integral to making an informed purchase that brings joy for a lifetime.

What is an Oval Diamond?

Oval diamonds have gracefully adorned jewelry pieces, encapsulating elegance and sophistication through the ages. At Silver Spring Jewelry, our collection pays homage to this enduring style, ensuring that every piece speaks volumes of its rich history and the meticulous craftsmanship it deserves.

Understanding the Bow-Tie Effect

In the heart of some oval diamonds lies a subtle secret – the bow-tie effect. Imagine a shadowy bow-tie shape crossing the diamond’s center, sometimes subtly, other times prominently. 


The bow-tie effect is a common companion of oval diamonds, but fear not, as our experts at Silver Spring Jewelry are here to guide you through its intricacies.

Causes of the Bow-Tie Effect in Oval Diamonds

Craftsmanship speaks volumes when it comes to the bow-tie effect. It is the play of light, facilitated by the cut and facets of the diamond, that births this unique appearance. At Silver Spring Jewelry, we champion excellence in craftsmanship, ensuring that each diamond’s cut resonates with brilliance.

How the Bow-Tie Effect Impacts the Appearance of the Diamond

A diamond’s bow tie can be a subtle whisper or a louder proclamation, influencing the overall allure and value of the piece. Each oval diamond in our collection at Silver Spring Jewelry is curated with a discerning eye, balancing the bow-tie effect’s presence to enhance the diamond’s natural beauty.

How to Choose an Oval Diamond Minimizing the Bow-Tie Effect

Choosing the perfect oval diamond is a joyful journey. When visiting Silver Spring Jewelry, our warm and expert team assists you, ensuring the bow-tie effect aligns with your preferences, allowing the diamond’s brilliance to shine through in a way that captures your heart.

Expert Tips on Buying an Oval Diamond

Our legacy at Silver Spring Jewelry is woven with expertise and genuine advice. Trust our seasoned professionals to guide your oval diamond selection with tips that consider the bow-tie effect within the landscape of the diamond’s overall allure and excellence.


Embark on your memorable jewelry journey with Silver Spring Jewelry, where each piece is a passage through exquisite craftsmanship and trusted expertise. Let the legacy of our family-owned experience guide your steps toward finding an oval diamond that resonates with brilliance, beauty, and unforgettable memories.


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