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We are your trusted Jewelry Store in Silver Spring, MD. Shop our Extensive Collection of Engagement Jewelry.

Where Silver Spring Gets Engaged

Jewelry Store In Silver Spring

We are your trusted Jewelry Store in Silver Spring, MD. Shop our Extensive Collection of Engagement Jewelry.

What Color Diamond Is The Most Expensive?

When it comes to the sparkling allure of diamonds, nothing entices quite like their brilliant colors. At Silver Spring Jewelry, where three generations of our family have dedicated themselves to celebrating life’s milestones with you, our wealth of experience has shown us the breathtaking charm of colored diamonds. The value of a diamond often rests heavily on its hue. However, among the rainbow spectrum of diamond colors, which reigns as the most expensive? Let’s venture into the captivating world of colored diamonds to unravel this glittering query.

Understanding the Diamond Color Spectrum

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provides a guideline for grading diamond color, usually ranging from colorless to light yellow or brown for typical diamonds. Yet, the rarest treasures lie in the realm of fancy-colored diamonds, which dance in vibrant shades of blue, pink, red, green, and beyond.

Colored Diamonds: Beyond the Traditional Scale

Fancy-colored diamonds are graded on a slightly different scale, emphasizing their hue, tone, and saturation. These enchanting colors are born from nature’s whims, as varying geological conditions play artists to create each masterpiece.

The Most Expensive Diamond Colors

Fancy-colored diamonds are a realm filled with whimsical colors, yet among them, certain colors are renowned for their rarity and hefty price tag.

  • Blue Diamonds: Telling tales of the deep sea and night skies, blue diamonds are a luxurious rarity. Notable mentions include The Hope Diamond and The Blue Moon Diamond, which have left many a beholder spellbound.
  • Pink Diamonds: Embodying the delicate blush of romance, pink diamonds like The Pink Star Diamond have garnered immense value. The tender allure of these gems makes them a cherished choice for many.
  • Red Diamonds: The pinnacle of rarity, red diamonds, with the Moussaieff Red Diamond taking a place of pride, are a fiery treasure in the diamond realm. Their fierce beauty comes with a price tag to match.
  • Green Diamonds: Whispering the ancient secrets of the Earth, green diamonds like The Dresden Green have a rare charm. Their pricing is as unique as their verdant hue, derived from radiation altering their crystal structure.

The Argyle Mine Influence

The closure of the Argyle mine has stirred the diamond market, notably affecting the price of pink diamonds. It’s a quaint reminder of the fragile, finite nature of earth’s resources, even in the enduring world of diamonds.

Other Factors Impacting Diamond Price

While color casts a big spell on a diamond’s value, aspects like carat weight, clarity, and cut are other enchanters. The saga of a diamond’s journey, whether brushed by historical milestones or cradled in the heart of an iconic event, also bedazzles its price.


As we voyage back from this glittering expedition, it’s clear that the allure and price of colored diamonds are as varied as their hues. At Silver Spring Jewelry, we revere these gems as a family; each color narrates a unique story, much like the chapters of our long-standing legacy in this enchanting industry.

Whether you’re seeking a diamond to echo the stars or blush with the dawn, our family at Silver Spring Jewelry is here to guide your steps on this sparkling journey. Let the hues of our diamonds paint your milestones in shades of everlasting joy. 

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