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Collateral Loans

Silver Spring Jewelers offers collateral loans/pawns to anyone who needs to raise money immediately. We offer loans on gold or platinum jewelry, diamonds, and luxury watches. When banks are not cooperative, Silver Spring Jewelers can provide funds in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months like banks, helping you meet pressing financial needs such as payroll, college tuition, a mortgage payment, or an unexpected bill.

Our Loan Process

1. Bring in items you wish to pledge as collateral.
2. State the amount of money you need.
3. Allow a short time for evaluation, mostly within minutes.
4. Agree upon the amount.
5. The contract is written up and explained.
6. You walk out with your money. Item is secured awaiting your redemption.

Let Us Know How Much You Need

Inform the Silver Spring Jewelers staff of how much money you are trying to raise and show us your collateral. We make loans of $50 to $100,000. Proper identification is required, and a short contract must be completed. We follow the guidelines mandated by the Maryland Secondhand Precious Metal Object Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act. Montgomery County Maryland, MDDLLR #658


The combined interest and service charges will typically be 10% a month. Larger loans may qualify for a lower monthly charge.

Time Length of Loans

The terms of loans are 30 days. When you pay the monthly fee, you automatically extend the loan for an additional 30 days for as long as a customer might need. We highly recommend our clients come in ta hour before closing, so we can do the proper research required to give you our best offer.

Security/Storage of Valuables

All property is placed in our secure safe and is never tampered with. No customer’s valuables are ever displayed to the public. Silver Spring Jewelers maintains insurance while in possession of your loans, but we recommend keeping your personal policy on these valuables. Transactions are confidential.

Contact Us Today And Start the Loan Process!

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