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Our expert goldsmiths are highly skilled in all aspects of jewelry repair. From ring resizing, chain soldering, remounting an engagement ring, turning a ring into a pendant, refinishing worn jewelry, or setting your own stones into a new design, the possibilities are endless, No job is ever too big or too small. We also offer full service repairs on watches, with a 6 month guarantee. Estimates on jewelry and watch repairs are gladly given.

Jewelry & Watch Repair

Watch batteries can be replaced while you wait. However if you plan to get your watch wet it needs to be sent to an authorized service center recommended by the manufacture to be re-pressurized and re-sealed. This is the ONLY way that a watch will remain waterproof and can be guaranteed. Watch batteries start at only $5.00

Custom Jewelry

For over 40 years Silver Spring Jewelry has been creating one of a kind custom jewelry. The first step starts with a free consultation. Bring along photos, sketches or whatever inspires you. We’ll reveal all the possibilities and review the best method to create your one of a kind piece. There are three tears to creating custom jewelry. First tier is using pre-manufactured parts then assembling them to your exact specifications. Second is from hand carving a wax model of your design and casting it into the metal of your choice, for example 14K white gold, and then shaping the item through filing, soldering, sawing, forging, and polishing into a finished piece of jewelry. Third is using our digital inventory that can be customized by you on the fly in full 3D for a one of a kind shopping experience. Sometimes all three methods are used, other times only one method is used, no matter what method we use you will come away amazed.


Silver Spring Jewelers offers state-of-the art engraving services. From rings to bracelets, pendants, to inside wedding bands and virtually every jewelry item with an engravable surface, to clocks, awards, nameplates, silverware, crystal, champagne glasses and bottles and a myriad of other corporate gifts. Please be assured of your satisfaction and we are certain that you will happily recommend our services to your family and friends.

Gift Wrapping

We will gladly gift wrap your purchases at no charge.


We have over 45 years experience appraising jewelry for insurance and estate liquidation purposes. Appraisals are done at no charge for new Silver Spring Jewelers purchases. Appraisals for pieces not purchased from us take approximately from one day to one week to complete and the price ranges based on the size/complexity of the item(s).

We are happy to give you an estimate for the appraisal fee when you present the item(s) to us. Please contact us for an appointment.

Insurance Replacements

As mentioned, we have many years of experience working with insurance companies to assist in replacing lost or damaged jewelry. We can help make this experience less complicated or stressful for you by working directly with your insurance company.

Cleaning & Check-ups

We recommend that you have us check your jewelry every six months for loose stones, broken prongs or other problems, also a ultrasonic & steam cleaning. This service is complimentary to all our guest.

Care & Maintenance of Fine Jewelry

Jewelry endures constant wear and tear and requires regular maintenance and sometimes major restorations. Everyone will wear his or her jewelry differently. Some people are harder on their jewelry than others. Some jewelry is designed for everyday wear, some for occasional wear. No jewelry is designed to be worn 24 hours a day. It should be removed when doing something physical that could damage or excessive wear. So if you are one of those people who “never take their jewelry off” you will require more frequent repairs and maintenance.

Maintenance On Rings

We recommend that you have your rings cleaned and checked at least twice per year to monitor the wear on the prongs and tighten any loose stones. Keep in mind that even the prongs holding the stones are made of a precious metal, which is relatively soft and eventually wears down. To keep your rings looking good between trips to the us, use a soft tooth brush and jewelry cleaner or baking soda (do not clean pearls in the jewelry cleaner.)

Maintenance On Pendants

The most common maintenance needs on pendants involve the chain and clasps. Common clasps such as the spring ring, occasionally stick, or get bent enough so the spring end doesn’t meet squarely with the closed end. Also, depending on how much wear the pendant receives, the joints of each link making up the chain and the jump rings connecting the chain to the clasp wear on each other and will eventually wear out. If just the jump rings are worn they can usually be rebuilt or replaced. If the individual links in the chain are falling apart repair is usually not cost effective and replacement of the chain is best.

Maintenance On Earrings

Because an earring does not receive the same type of wear as a ring, the prongs holding any of the stones do not normally wear down. The thing to watch for on an earring with a post is the gripping power of the back. Sometimes the post or the back can get bent and it won’t grip properly. Sometimes the back will loosen over time.

When you take your earring off or put it on, notice if there’s sufficient resistance to be secure and make certain the back clicks into place. If the back slide on and off too easily, it is possible that it should be tightened, or in some cases, it should be replaced.


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