Whether you are looking for an elegant engagement ring or a classy wedding ring for your loved one, a cushion modified diamond might be a great option. You can always get a customized diamond  with the right cut, that gives an exquisite glow, within your budget. 

What Is a Cushion Modified Diamond?

Cushion modified diamond has an enhanced appearance, characterized by extra facets just below the girdle. The additional facets give the diamond an extra glow, making it even more stunning. If it’s the first time you are considering purchasing a cushion modified diamond, you may not differentiate between cushion modified diamond and cushion brilliant diamond. The two may appear a bit similar, but with the guidance of experienced jewelers at Silver Spring Jewelry, you can always get the help you need.

Difference Between Cushion Modified and Cushion Brilliant Diamond

The major difference between the two is noticeable in the facets’ arrangement. For a cushion modified diamond, the facets do not come into contact with the girdle, but appear slightly below the girdle, making the diamond adopt a flower-like shape. With a cushion brilliant diamond, the facets extend towards the girdle, usually from the center, giving it a star-like shape. Compared to a cushion brilliant diamond, the facets of a cushion modified diamond are smaller, giving the diamond a unique sparkle.

What is the Cost of Cushion Modified Diamond?

If you are looking for a unique engagement or wedding ring, or just a gift within your budget, consider buying a cushion modified diamond. You may spend approximately 25% less on a cushion modified diamond, compared to round cut diamonds. With cushion modified diamond, there is little polishing loss when shaping it compared to what is lost when cutting the round diamond, hence the significant price difference.

Where To Buy Cushion Modified Diamonds

For more information or enquiries on cushion modified diamonds and other jewelries, contact Silver Spring Jewelry to book an appointment or place your order. We are dedicated to giving you value for your money, with our skilled and experienced jewelers helping you make an informed decision.