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You’ve probably heard the term “old mine cut” if you’ve ever purchased vintage diamond jewelry. Old mine cut diamonds have their own unique charm. They lack the mathematical symmetry of current dazzling cuts and the novelty of colorful flair. But they possess romance, mysticism, history, and glamor in plenty.

One of the gorgeous diamond cuts we’ve ever seen is in vintage mine cut diamond engagement rings. At Silver Spring Jewelry, we like this cut as one of the most significant “old diamond shapes” because of its originality, delicate, and romantic form. It’s lovely facet patterns will genuinely attract your eyes into the stone’s depths.

You will fall in love with Old Mine Cut Diamonds after learning more about them.

What Are Old Mine Diamonds?

They’re square to rectangular, with soft edges and the kind of beautiful, warm glow that only an old diamond can provide.

 This famous diamond was cut totally by hand in the past. On the other hand, modern diamonds are cut and polished with high-tech equipment. As a result, each ancient mine-cut diamond is one-of-a-kind.

Characteristics Of Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Smaller Table

Old lead cuts have a smaller table compared to a modern cushion cut brilliant-cut diamond, which is most evident when viewed from top.

 Massive, Noticeable Culet

The culet on old mine cuttings is relatively large. Unlike current brilliants, the culet is visible through the table from above, giving ancient lead cuts a unique appearance.

High Crown & Deep Pavilion

Old mine cuts feature a high crown, the diamond’s top half, and a deep pavilion, which is the diamond’s bottom section. The crown of an old mine cut diamond placed in a ring is exceptionally high, considerably higher than most contemporary brilliant.

Small Facets in The Lower Half

Old mine cuts feature shorter facets in the lower half, despite the pavilion’s depth. The big culet is the crucial reason for this.

58 Facets

The ancient lead cut has 58 facets in common with current brilliants and antique European cuts (including the large culet).

The symmetry of antique lead cutting is generally uneven. Asymmetrical characteristics will stand out because the diamonds are eyed and cut by hand. Furthermore, compared to a modern diamond, you can see how massive and hefty the proportions of an old mine cut are. Curators did this on purpose since diamonds at the time were supposed to be viewed by candlelight. The large structure gave old mine cuts a unique, warm look with a gentle romantic glow.


If you’re still not convinced, visit Silver Spring Jewelry, which stocks old mine cut diamonds. When you compare them to modern, laser-cut stones, you’ll see the difference. The ancient mine cut is a little more “rugged” than the contemporary stone, but it’s all lovelier. We’re here to assist you in finding the ideal vintage engagement ring.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding old mine cut diamonds. Alternatively, you could come to one of our three locations in Silver Spring, White Oak, or Takoma Park. Silver Spring Jewelry’s skilled jewelers are eager to assist you in your search for the ideal piece.