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The radiant cut diamond may be a great choice if you like a rectangular diamond with the sparkle of a round cut. In this case, the emerald-shaped diamond is combined with the sparkle of a round brilliant.

What Are Radiant Cut Diamonds?

Diamonds with a radiant cut make excellent use of light, earning the name “radiant” in the process. Due to its eight-sided structure, it possesses a staggering 70 facets that enhance the stone’s brightness. The radiant cut is ideal for those who appreciate the square form without sacrificing its brightness.

The Radiant-Cut Diamond’s History

It was not until Henry Grossbard came out with the radiant-cut diamond in 1977 that square and rectangular diamonds became more popular. Grossbard created the radiant-vibrant cut by merging the processes and structures of the previously famous Emerald and Brilliant Round forms.

Consequently, the radiant-cut became the most popular form for engagement rings in the 1980s and remains so today.

With its radiant facet pattern on the crown and pavilion, the radiant-cut diamond set a new standard for diamond cuts. The 70 facets of its design contribute to its incredible luminosity. 

What Makes Radiant Cut Diamonds Unique?

Like other mixed cuts like the well-known princess, cut, radiant diamonds combine the beauty of step cuts with the brilliance and smoldering look of round brilliants. The radiant cut features squared-off edges, similar to step cuts like the emerald cut, whereas the princess cut has rounded corners.

What to Look for in a Radiant-Cut Diamond

Consider the following when deciding whether a radiant-cut diamond is perfect for you:

  • Identify the proportions that you find most pleasing.
  • Choose a near-colorless or colorless hue from the spectrum.
  • You should only deal with a jeweler familiar with diamonds’ ability to disperse light.
  • The lowest price isn’t always the most terrific deal when comparing the pricing of various diamonds.
  • Choose an arrangement that will complement a dazzling cut.

Why Choose A Radiant Diamond?

  • Radiant-cut diamonds are more durable than other diamond shapes.
  • Diamonds of the Radiant-cut are sought because of their excellent color saturation.
  • While accessible for a short period, Radiant has already become a popular choice.
  • The most popular kinds of radiant diamond engagement rings are usually available.
  • Think of a diamond that erupts with brightness and lights the whole room like a radiant cut diamond.

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