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CVD diamonds can be an excellent option for people looking for synthetic diamond gems, especially with several lab-grown diamonds in the jewelry market. These stones made their way onto the market over a decade ago and gained popularity because they’re affordable and have similar qualities to natural diamonds. But what exactly is a CVD diamond? Read on to find out.

What Is A CVD Diamond?

CVD stands for “Chemical Vapor Deposition,” the process of breaking down natural gas like methane into carbon atoms that amass around a diamond starter to form a new diamond. The processing occurs in a vacuum chamber where crystals undergo heat and pressure treatment to eliminate coloration. Thus, a CVD diamond is a synthetic diamond grown in the lab.

Are CVD Diamonds Real Diamonds?

A CVD diamond comprises carbon atoms and natural gas that make up natural diamonds deep in the earth’s crust. Although CVD diamonds are synthetic diamonds, they are chemically identical to mined diamonds. As a result, these diamonds look precisely like natural diamonds, making it difficult to differentiate between them and naturally occurring stones.

How to Identify A CVD Diamond

When shopping for CVD diamonds, it is essential to understand what makes them unique. Here are some ways to assist you in identifying CVD diamonds in the jewelry market:

  • Use a microscope: A microscope lets you observe some stone’s chemical structure and patterns, although it will require a powerful microscope.
  • Observe with a diamond view machine: A diamond view machine allows you to view features of a CVD diamond. It uses heavy ultraviolet light, turning the CVD diamond into a dark red fluorescence.
  • Use a diamond tester: Using a diamond tester tests the electrical and electrical conductivity of the CVD diamond, showing whether the stone is natural or not.
  • Use ultraviolet lamp: An ultraviolet lamp enables you to identify a CVD diamond using ultraviolet light. The stone will indicate a blue color to show that it is a CVD diamond.

CVD diamonds are cheaper to create and market, besides being environmentally friendly, high quality, and available in different colors. At Silver Spring Jewelry, we can help you get more insights into CVD diamonds. Contact us to find your perfect diamond today!