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The cushion-cut diamond is a classic, distinct, stunning option for an engagement ring. They provide a traditional aesthetic with their old-times charm because of their softened rectangular or squire shape and brightness. It’s no wonder that cushions are increasingly becoming popular. So what exactly are cushion cut diamonds? Here’s everything you need to know.

Cushion Cut Diamond Definition

A cushion cut diamond is a gemstone that incorporates the old mine faceted diamond pattern and a modern round brilliant cut. It usually is soft rectangular, or square, with rounded edges. A cushion cut diamond complements the square shape with softened corners, giving it a pillow-like look, hence the term “cushion cut.”

History of Cushion Cut Diamonds

The history of the cushion cut diamond traces back to the 1700s. The initial shape of the diamond was referred to as the mine cut and later the old mine cut. The mine cut was a square-shaped diamond with round edges called after the Brazilian diamond mines. Later, upon discovering diamonds in South Africa, the mines in Brazil were dupped “old mines,” the origin of the cut’s name.

The old mine cut featured 58 facets, manually measured, and cut square-like shape, with rounded corners. The old mine cut was liked during these times because of its brilliance in all kinds of lighting, including the candlelight that most people used to illuminate their homes at night.

The old mine cut and the cushion cut diamond are alike in shape. However, the cushion has been modified to increase brilliance. The cushion cut differs from the old mine cut, including a more comprehensive table facet, a lower crown, an absence of culet, and a shallower pavilion.

Choosing Cushion cut Diamond


The quality of a cushion-cut diamond is determined by how well it has been cut. A high-quality cushion-cut diamond has many facets on its surface, giving it a radiant look. A well-cut diamond should have a depth and table of under 70%, symmetry, and polish with a minimum grade of very good.


Most VS2 and a certain percentage of SI1 cushion cut diamonds seem eye clean, with their imperfections disguised by the diamond’s brightness and scintillation. Modern cushion cut diamonds dazzle because they have facets with brilliant cuts. Virtually all diamonds include some inclusions to enhance their clarity. It is crucial to visually inspect the diamond since the bigger the stone, the more inclusions you will see. Always aim for the lowest clarity that is eye clean.


Unlike other diamond shapes, cushion-cut diamonds are known for maintaining color more strongly. As a result, it is best to go for a cushion cut diamond of color grade H and above.


The prices for cushion cut diamonds differ because of the significance of the carat weight. A higher weight will attract greater price points as larger diamonds are most loved for engagement rings and are more attractive and come pricy.

The Pros and Cons of Cushion Cut Diamond


  • It is highly durable because of their rounded edges
  • Combines traditional and contemporary styles.
  • The Cushion cut diamond is more affordable than other diamond shapes
  • It has exceptional brightness and fire; it reflects both colored and white light beautifully
  • Increasingly popular, you’re more likely to discover a broader range of stones to choose from


  • It firmly retains color, resulting in a yellow tinge at a higher grading level
  • Its open table gives a good glimpse of the stone’s faults
  • Are called with many different terms, which may lead to buyer confusion

Settings of Cushion Cut Diamonds

The beauty of cushion-cut diamonds lies in their alluring vintage appeal. While several diamond shapes are used in vintage-inspired engagement rings with old-school settings, cushion-cut diamonds only attain a certain level of nostalgia with the correct settings.

Halo Setting: hallo stings are an excellent choice for cushion-cut diamonds. Halo settings, like the cushion cut, are old but contemporary. A cushion cut with a halo setting gives a charming and vintage aesthetic yet dazzling and modern.

Four Prong: works for both 2-carat and the 4-carat cushion cut. The setting secures the stone in its place for the longest time feasible. But, for larger stones, a 6-prong setting is ideal for maximum stability.

Bezel Setting: The bezel setting is another popular alternative in terms of style. Although it looks stunning when combined with diamonds, it doesn’t shine brilliantly as a diamond. However, it remains a superb option for diamond-cut diamonds.

Bottom Line

Cushion-cut diamonds are an excellent choice for those who want a beautiful diamond but don’t want to spend the extra money on a fancy shape. They are also a perfect pick for those who love the look of traditional round diamonds but want something different. We at Silver Spring Jewelry are committed to serving and satisfying your jewelry needs.

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