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When shopping for fine jewelry and diamond rings, you may have heard somebody talk about a baguette diamond. No, they probably weren’t talking about French bread! Rather they were referencing a popular cut of diamond distinctive for its shape and function. Unlike the more commonly known Princess Cut or Cushion Cut diamonds that take center stage, the Baguette Cut diamond is an ideal accompaniment to add appeal and balance to a central stone.

Characteristics Of Baguette Diamonds

A baguette diamond is a rectangular-shaped diamond with straight edges. Traditionally baguette diamonds have 14 facets cut along thin, elongated lines and can even be tapered for effect. Baguettes are categorized in the same family as Emerald and Asscher cuts, which is the Step Cut family. These kinds of diamonds are known for their clearly-defined, straight facets that show off high clarity and color. The geometrical nature of baguette diamonds make them popular accents in jewelry designs, especially those inspired by Art Deco.

Setting Options for Baguette Diamonds

Baguette diamonds make perfect accents that complements virtually every other kind of cut. Engagement rings especially will utilize baguettes to accentuate a center stone. Here are some common styles of settings that make great use of baguette diamond accents:

  • Three Stone Ring — This style of setting uses baguettes placed horizontally on either side of a central diamond.
  • Channel Set Baguettes — A channel setting places baguette diamonds end-to-end lengthwise into a metal channel leading up to the center stone.
  • Halo Setting — Halo styles encircle a middle diamond with a collection of straight baguettes in a pattern which creates a geometric effect.

Learn more about the differences between halo and three stone settings here.

Shopping For Baguette Diamonds

While baguette diamonds are valued for the special role they play as accents, they are generally not considered especially valuable on their own. Baguettes lining a ring, for example, are a less expensive option than lining the same band with higher-quality brilliant cut diamonds. Consider choosing baguettes in a jewelry design when looking for an affordable way to add volume and balance.

Many engagement rings and other fine jewelry designs have made excellent use of the stunning and angular baguette diamond. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether your next piece will flaunt this classic member of the Step-Cut family. For information on baguette diamonds and more, contact the experts at Silver Spring Jewelry today.