Today, brides have multiple options in terms of engagement and wedding rings. Despite traditional solitaire and plain wedding bands still being an excellent choice for many, stacking wedding rings has become more common. However, most women find it hard to wear stackable wedding rings the right way. Read to find out.


The stackable wedding ring trend has been around for quite a while and has become part of fashion for women. Generally, it involves women wearing three rings: one for engagement, another for marriage, and one for motherhood with the addition of bands and other rings such as anniversary and gift rings.


With no exact number of rings to stack, arranging stackable rings symmetrically when wearing them is crucial. Again, make sure you have precise ring sizes and shapes to determine suitable bands to stack with your wedding ring. The best way to achieve perfect stacking is to try it in person to get the best results.


Theme is key when stacking wedding rings; either you are into texture or mixing modern and vintage designs. You can start with a metal and a blend of silhouettes to get a unique layer with your wedding ring. Or, have multiple ring options matching your wedding and engagement ring to create a stack. Add simple external bands to get an incredible stackable wedding ring finish.

You can also place the engagement ring between your wedding rings while organizing an equal number of bands above and below it. Another option is starting with the wedding ring, then the engagement ring at the top. Here, wear bands or other rings to achieve a more detailed wedding ring stack.

Some people may choose to have the engagement ring below, followed by the wedding ring. Bands and other rings may follow on the same finger but at different lengths. In this case, you may choose to stack one or both hands if you wear two wedding rings. Because most engagement rings have a raised mounting, always ensure the stone sparkles from the center to allow a flush stack.


Wearing stackable wedding rings depends on how an individual chooses to style rings and bands for a perfect stack. At Silver Spring Jewelry, we understand how difficult stacking wedding rings can be; that is why our jewelers remain passionate about helping you get the best wedding ring stack. Contact us to learn more today!