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Diamond earrings are the timeless embodiment of elegance and grace; an incredibly durable and versatile addition to any outfit; and a must in every wardrobe. To keep diamond earrings looking sparkly and new, it is important to clean them regularly. Here are some pointers on how to keep your diamond earrings radiant and free of bacteria and grime.

1. Buy A Home Cleaning Kit

Home cleaning kits come in all types- most will come with a non-toxic solution for grime and oil and a soft cloth for polishing. Make sure to only purchase non-abrasive solutions, because you do not want to damage the stone or metal. Make sure to read all the labels and fine print- often they will say what surfaces are suitable right on the packaging.

2. Get The Right Tools

You want to avoid damaging your diamond earrings by using the right tools for the job. The following are tools we suggest when cleaning your jewelry at home.

Proper Workspace

Make sure to use a good workspace- a flat tabletop with great light is the perfect space to work. You will need to avoid white surfaces because they will make it very hard to see your earrings.  

Toothbrush With Soft Bristles

Toothbrushes are sold in different firmness of bristles. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush is a great way to remove debris gently and effectively. Children’s toothbrushes are an advantageous size for most diamond earrings.

Microfiber Cloth

Fibers of cloth are important when it comes to cleaning and polishing your diamond earrings.  You want absorbent, closely woven material, where threads will not get stuck or caught on the earring.

Bowl For Soaking

A shallow bowl for soaking works well and eliminates the waste of cleaning agents. Do not soak or rinse your jewelry in the sink basin. This will avoid any sad accidents down the drain.

Proper Non-toxic Cleaning Agents

  1. Dish soap is a gentle cleaning agent that works well against oils and grime. A small amount of warm water is all you need.
  2. Baking soda paste is another great and gentle solution that helps break down the buildup on diamond earrings. Rub the paste on the earrings and let it sit for ten minutes.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide is also a safe and incredibly sanitary way to clean your earrings.

    Remember never to mix cleaning agents but try them out individually and figure out what works for you.

3. Follow All The Steps

  1. Find a great workspace with great light. 
  2. Gather your tools.
  3. Choose a cleaning agent and add it to the bowl.
  4. Immerse your earrings for 10 minutes.
  5. Remove them and scrub them with a toothbrush.
  6. Rinse your earrings in warm water.
  7. Dry and polish them.
  8. Repeat as needed.

If you have more questions about caring for your fine jewelry, don’t hesitate to contact us or check us out on Twitter @SSJwlry for more tips & tricks.