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While heart-shaped diamond rings are among the rarest cuts in the world, they are a great way to announce to the world that you have found the love of your life. With that being said, women are often confused about how they should wear a heart-shaped ring. That’s what we’re discussing today. 

How To Wear A Heart Shaped Diamond Ring If You Are In A Relationship

The bottom line is you can wear a heart-shaped diamond ring however you want to. That said, there are a couple of schools of thought regarding how a woman wears a heart-shaped diamond ring. If you’re wearing a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring, you should wear the point facing your wrist when you’re looking down at the back of your hand. This way, whenever people look at your hand, they can tell that you have given your heart to your soul mate. 

How To Wear A Heart Shaped Diamond Ring If You Are Single

If you’re single and want to buy a heart-shaped diamond ring, you should wear the point facing your fingernail. Most people will take this to mean that you are not taken. However, as noted above, there is more than one school of thought regarding how to wear a heart-shaped diamond ring. 

The Traditional Way To Wear A Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

Some people believe you should never wear a heart-shaped ring with the point towards your wrist. You may think it makes sense because it looks right from your perspective when you look down at your hand. However, others believe it is a sign of selfishness. If you want to wear your ring with the point facing your wrist, simply show others your ring with your palm facing your body and your fingers pointing upward. This way, they can see the ring right-side up. 

Where To Buy A Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

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