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While searching for the ideal diamond, you probably ran across the term “VVS.” If you’re confused about this term, you’re not alone, and the diamond experts at Silver Spring Jewelry are here to help set the record straight. Keep reading to learn more about VVS diamonds.

Is Your VVS Diamond Real?

You’re probably aware of the four Cs of diamonds – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. VVS diamonds are absolutely real and describe the clarity of a diamond. Specifically, VVS is a clarity grade describing a diamond that is very, very slightly included. This simply means that yes, VVS diamonds are real.

Inclusions are flaws that occur naturally in 99.5% of diamonds, affecting the diamond’s value. VVS diamonds are incredibly rare and valuable. Here’s a closer look at the clarity of a diamond. 

Clarity Grade Chart

  • FL – flawless – diamonds with this clarity are completely free from blemishes or inclusions
  • IF – internally flawless – diamonds with this clarity are flawless to the naked eye, but the surface contains such blemishes as polish marks, graining, or extra facets
  • VVS1 – very, very slightly included – diamonds with this clarity have tiny inclusions that can be seen under a 10x loupe. They tend to be located near the bottom of the pavilion or edges of the stone. 
  • VVS2 – very, very slightly included – diamonds with this clarity have minuscule inclusions near the stone’s center.
  • VS1 & VS2 – very slightly included – these high-quality diamonds have flaws that are so minute, they are not eye-visible 95% of the time. VS1 diamonds have fewer inclusions or smaller inclusions than VS2 diamonds. 
  • SI1 & SI2 – slightly included – these diamonds have inclusions that may be eye-visible. SI2 diamonds have more noticeable imperfections than SI1 diamonds. 
  • I1, I2, & I3 – included – I3 and I2 diamonds have more inclusions than I1 diamonds, but I1 diamonds still have enough inclusions to noticeably affect the stone’s scintillation. 


VVS diamonds aren’t as common as slightly included or included diamonds, but they are absolutely real. If you need help in your search for your perfect diamond, book an appointment with us at Silver Spring Jewelry in Silver Spring, Takoma Park, or White Oak. We’re here for you.